Discover Jamaica with all five senses


Jamaica is trimmed in long sandy beaches and crystal-clear Caribbean waters. Beyond the sand, the land has soul-stirring beauty with lush forest along misty mountain peaks and hidden waterfalls. An array of smoky, fresh and tropical flavors are to be discovered. You’ll find yourself swaying to the soothing, rhythmic music the country is famous for. Friendly smiles and open arms will welcome you under the warm island sun. Jamaica is a treat for all the senses.


In Jamaica, you’ll find beauty on land and under the sea. The clear, calm waters are ideal for snorkeling and diving among a rainbow of colorful coral and tropical fish. The Montego Bay Marine Park, extending along the entire bay, is a fully underwater national park. Here you can also experience sea life with a glass bottom boat tour.

After dark, the luminous lagoon is a natural phenomenon you won’t want to miss. As you pass through the waters, a blue glow will follow and surround you in this bioluminescent bay.


As the founder of genres including ska, reggae and toasting (which evolved into rapping)—Jamaica has been internationally influential in music. Bob Marley, sometimes called the King of Reggae, was born and grew up on the island. Immerse yourself with reggae culture and Rastafarian heritage with a visit to Bob Marley’s hometown and childhood home in Nine Mile.


Breathe in the fresh forest air on a hike in the Blue Mountains. Coffee lovers can delight in a tour of the Croydon Plantation. Enjoy mountain scenery and sample the aromas of world-famous Blue Mountain coffee, tropical fruits and sugarcane from the source. Wherever you are in Jamaica, you won’t be far from the smell of smoky Jamaican barbecue…


Jamaican jerk and barbecue, Red Stripe beer, Jamaican rum and Saltfish & Ackee (the national dish)—Jamaica has an array of smoky, fresh and tropical flavors are to be discovered. Experience an authentic Jamaican jerk hut meal on the beach at Zoëtry Montego Bay Jamaica.


Feel the warm Caribbean sun shining down on you and the soft sand beneath your feet. Swim underneath a waterfall and feel its cool waters cascade over you. Indulge in a massage at the spa. With its beauty, music, flavors, and people, you will feel the island vibe.

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