Covid-19 & AMR Collection

On this page, you will find relative information for AMR Collection, in regards to the covid-19 pandemic.


AMR is proud to extend the CleanComplete+ program, including a 14 day complimentary quarantine offer, as well as our in resort antigen and PCR testing programs. Further details are below.  

**Date restrictions apply, such as festive dates.

Video available to share and download from the AMR Collection Vimeo account along with other resort content:

In Resort Testing & CleanComplete VERIFICATION:

AMR is offering departure complimentary in-resort antigen testing for guests staying 3 nights or more. PCR testing is also available at a competitive cost either in resort or locally, suggested by AMResorts and AMStar DMC.

AMR is also offering a 14 day complimentary room for isolation, should clients test positive on departure. This program remains valid as long as CDC and government travel regulations are in place.

All details, along with minimum stay requirements and FAQ’s can be found on the AMR website: